Values and Culture

Values & Culture

Values & Culture

Your organization’s workplace values set the tone for your company’s culture, It’s important that your people’s values align with these but more so ‘add’ to these.

Your organizations values help people understand one another, doing the right things for the right reasons, and this common purpose and understanding helps people build positive working relationships.

When values are out of alignment, people work with different intention and this can damage work relationships, productivity, work satisfaction, and creative potential.

This program is aimed at team member level participants and explores the need to have such codes of values and conduct/behaviors woven into the organizational fabric as the start point:

  • Importance of Values
  • Personality types in current context
  • Personal values and accountability to team, organizational values
  • Collaborating for common purpose
  • Importance of diversity and Inclusion
  • ‘Pillars’ in times of adversity
  • Collective ‘creativity’

Target Audience: This program is aimed at technocrats, functional and process experts and of course, the employee interfacing managers. Fostering diversity, creativity and empowering their teams to make the right choices for the organizational stakeholders is where the future of organizational productivity lies!

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