The Performance Manager

The Performance Manager

The Performance Manager

One of the toughest parts of a manager’s responsibility, making fruitful dialogue on performance and scaling up productivity is an important achievable.

As importantly, an effective relationship fosters a win-win situation for the team member, the manager and finally the organization – in the short and longer term. This is because the Performance management systems impacts the career development, assignment choices, sets out extra-curricular role expectations e.g. CSR actions and offers a support/learning framework for the development of employees.

Beyond the basics of the PMS process, the program offers insights and practices to enhance the efficacy of the purpose and harness the opportunity to build trust and mutual confidence. Managers will learn to create a ‘safe’ and responsible environment for professional progress of their team members.

The techniques explored and practiced in the session include:

  • Creating trust of purpose
  • Using Emotional intelligence for productive outcomes
  • Effective Feedback provisioning
  • Developing future actionable, including growth plans
  • Performance Coaching
  • Cementing commitment to the plan

Target Audience: This program is key for managers responsible for enhancing productivity at the individual and team levels – short and in the longer term. Building an environment of trust and confidence, touching upon aspects of career planning and individual aspirations are also included. The idea is to help participants create a holistic approach to performance managements that works as a win-win for all.

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