The Newbie Manager

The Newbie Manager

The Newbie Manager

What skills does a manager need?

There are three fundamental skills of a manager:

  • Technical Skills
  • Human Skills
  • Conceptual / Strategic Skills

In today’s scenario, Teams often go though being collections of strangers to becoming united groups with common goals over shorter spans of time than ever before. The Forming, Storming, ‘Norming’, and Performing model of how teams come together and need to start performing under the leadership of a new manager is an interesting process.

The Program for Newbie Managers focuses on bringing their ‘Human Skills‘ to the fore. Here are some key focus areas of the program:

  1. Understanding the basics of ‘Managing Humans’ Roles
  2. The importance of Interpersonal Skills & Emotional intelligence
  3. Recruiting and Inducting responsibly
  4. Understanding Team Dynamics
  5. Factors influencing Team Effectiveness and Motivation
  6. Developing and Coaching
  7. Coping With Challenges

Target Audience: This program focuses on professionals transitioning into management roles especially with teams to manage e.g. Project Leaders, Technical Managers etc. Specialists from Functions like Finance, IT, Administration moving into taking on team responsibilities will also benefit from the program.

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