The Global Citizen

The Global Citizen

The Global Citizen

If your organization operates globally, you may well have seen imbalances in your talent pool. For example, staff in some locations may lack certain skills because of their educational backgrounds. In other regions, local managers may not apply “home” management methods, because these do not fit with the local culture. You may also find that leaders from your home location don’t have a realistic picture of the other markets or cultures that your organization operates in.

Business across borders is more the norm today than the exception, and has created an increased need for Cross Cultural Appreciation. Organizations have realized that in order to succeed, they have to be equipped with the knowledge of how cultural differences of consumers affect the mode of operation and business. Cultural sensitivity is of vital importance, as application of such knowledge can greatly contribute to the success of an organization.

Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Model and The Seven Dimensions of Culture are good places to start the sensitivity training. The program then moves on to focus on:

  • Typical business cultures
  • The history and socio-political systems
  • Cuisines and cultural protocols
  • Do’s and Dont’s including ‘taboo’ areas
  • Mannerisms of European and/or American cultures

Target Audience: This program will suit professionals collaborating with their cross country counterparts, teams or customers with a longer term perspective. Included are professionals traveling often or regularly to client locations. Those uncomfortable in ‘socializing’ with members from different cultures are especially invited for the course.

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