The Essential Motivator

The Essential Motivator

The Essential Motivator

It is no secret – employees who feel they are valued and recognized for the work they do are more motivated, responsible and productive.

Gallup has found that the most highly engaged business units are 21% more productive, experience 48% fewer safety incidents, are 22% more profitable, have 10% better customer ratings and experience 37% less absenteeism.

Simple? In today’s age of multi-channel ‘distractions’ and even shorter attention spans, being able to harness individual capabilities for higher engagement with ‘the purpose’ can be a ‘powerful’ ability for leaders and managers.

Yet another emerging dimension is the presence of multiple generations with increasing millennial and generation Z folks. The diversity of beliefs, culture, motivations and aspirations provide challenges for managers as never before.

This program is aimed at Managers and leaders with the goal to enhance organizational productivity in the new context.

Beyond the basics of motivation building techniques the program also focuses on:

  • Setting the context – into the future
  • Understanding generational ‘motivators’
  • Understanding the ‘newer’ behaviors and the ‘Hats’ that are fashionable
  • Building trust, confidence and persistence
  • Personal goal setting
  • The power of commitment

Target Audience: The next level of Performance Management and Collaboration building skills, understanding individual mindsets in a world of moving targets – technologically and generationally speaking. Simply defined as for those leading critical projects with the ‘top talent’ wanting to have the team members buzzing with energy, ideas and who cannot wait to ‘execute’ ambitious plans.

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