The Effective Interviewer

The Effective Interviewer

The Effective Interviewer

Effective Interviewing Skills lead to indentifying suitable candidates from Skills, role fitment, attitudinal, cultural, growth, client centricity perspectives!

Having said that, hiring is often more so a numbers game today, due to the pressures acting on the process. The price for chasing quantitative targets mostly is paid on most of the key dimensions mentioned above. Are there ways to avoid these costs? Yes, we need to focus on the 'real' purpose of interviewing – which is to hire candidates with the relevant skills, behavior and mind-sets to be future leaders in their domain areas in your organization. Easier said…!!

Gallup meta-analysis results suggest that when companies select the top 20% most talented candidates for a role, they frequently realize a 10% increase in productivity, a 20% increase in sales, a 30% increase in profitability, a 10% decrease in turnover and a 25% decrease in unscheduled absences.

Beyond the basics of interview training, we focus on developing key success insuring skills such as:

  • Building rapport with potential candidates
  • Effective probing techniques
  • Effective listening skills
  • Decoding body language
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Building a continuum to subsequent steps

As the first formal contact with your organization, an impressive experience for candidates should lead to:

  • Productive interviews
  • Articulating queries and approaches to elicit core competencies
  • Lower post joining attrition
  • Interviewers enjoying the process
  • Higher candidate satisfaction

Target Audience: This program is aimed at those responsible for selecting talent internally and externally. Hiring Managers will learn higher skills also from the standpoints of attitudinal, cultural, values and teaming dimensions beyond just ‘skill fitting’.

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