The Collaborator (Team Work)

The Collaborator

The Collaborator (Team Work)

Coming together is the beginning
Keeping together is progress
Working together is success
-Henry Ford

The program is designed for natural teams, which have recently come together either as a part of a new project, service, product group or even relocation.

Beyond the basics of team building processes of Goal setting, Problem solving etc. the program importantly focuses on key achievables:

  • Communication and transparency
  • Building trust
  • Building collective understanding
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Social sensitivity
  • Importance of diversity
  • Managing multi-location teams
  • Developing synergy
  • Celebrating success

Target Audience: In addition to Managers responsible for team performance, this program is also targeted at the fast trackers who manage time bound projects cross functionally or internationally. Also for those who have assimilated performance management process aspects well and now want to transition to exemplary team level achievements.

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