Deepak is a Transformational Trainer and Motivational speaker. He firmly believes that “Training breeds excellence”. Deepak has a flair and passion for Life skills training and subscribes to the view that training can be a life changing phenomenon towards realizing one`s potential.
With a belief that `Attitude sets the Altitude for an individual`, his training sessions create impact leading to enhanced overall performance, professionally or in the participants’ personal lives.
An Optimist and a Positive thinker, Deepak is a `PEOPLES` person. A deep understanding of human behavior enables him to connect with his audiences at mental & emotional levels, empowering their lives. With purpose and dedication to the cause of Training, Deepak encourages interactive communication to motivate participants to come out of their comfort zones and excel in life.
Deepak holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is certified by IIM Kolkata for senior management. He has a passion for Sales and has played senior roles in industry over the past 20 years. Such corporate exposure and working with diverse teams enables him to bring invaluable skills to the learning table!
As a Certified Trainer and NLP Coach from IATD Chennai, Deepak`s training sessions are filled with impactful real-life stories with creative activities to initiate transformational journeys. His sharp presence of mind coupled with wit & humor creates a lasting impression amongst his participants.
Deepak has facilitated programs across a spectrum of industries, now to name a few of his clients:
IIMB, Bosch, Sundaram Fasteners, Ultratech, Reliance Retail, TVS Lucas, ITC, Ashok Leyland, Wipro, Canara Bank, Duraflex , Broadridge, Toshiba etc.

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