Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy.

At, we are committed to protecting your privacy.

We do not sell or rent our customer database or information thereof at the individual level to any third party. Information you provide us is held with responsibility at our end. Our goal is to understand and service your needs better with the help of the information you provide us. In certain situations, your contact details and address may be supplied to the publisher of the periodicals you have ordered to ensure efficient and direct delivery to you.

When you buy products from or register with us for any services, you can exercise your choice of receiving e-mails regarding updates about special offers, new products, and new services from us or our marketing partners with whom we have signed non- disclosure agreements to support the commitment we have made to you, as mentioned above. As we move ahead, we will also help you to exercise your preferences for the kind of information you would seek from us.

The results of each assessment test the clients take are automatically saved in their account. It is important to note that authorized Administrators can automatically access individual test results and personal information stored in your Account. Administrators can consult the final scores and sub-scores, as well as the interpretation of results. However, they do NOT have access to answers to individual questions. We cannot protect this information once the Administrator has viewed it. It is therefore the test-taker’s responsibility to review the privacy policy, and any other relevant information regarding the HR practices of the authorized administrator and his/her organization.

Based on the laws of the land i.e. India we may be obligated however, to provide information on a customer as and when sought by a Government authorized agency. In such a situation, we will be bound by duty and law to do so. Also, for boosting the economic prospects for our country, we may share statistical or demographic information in aggregate form with our marketing partners, advertisers or other third-parties for research and advertising purposes. Such information will not contain your name and contact details.

What about “cookies”?

Our cookies are not aimed at tracking your actions on the internet or invading your privacy. They help you to retrieve information on stored items in your shopping cart, when you make visits to our portal.

In summary, we respect your privacy, as our customers and assure you that the information we collect from you shall only be used to fulfill your service experience with us, now or in the future. In any case, to provide information is your choice and if you have, you may even opt out by informing us or unsubscribing to any of our services.

We welcome you to share any queries that you may have by contacting us at Have a great shopping experience and let us know what you would like in addition from us.