Leading Diversity

Leading Diversity

Leading Diversity @ Work

Diversity in the workplace brings with it a host of potential benefits, as well as potential conflicts for organizations to manage!

In the real world, diversity has to do with more than gender, race or ethnicity. There are sensitive tangible or intangible barriers such as religious or political beliefs, ethnicity, education socio economic backgrounds, sexual orientation, geographical location and various other subtle variables such as handicaps, medical conditions etc. which require to be embraced.

You may have noticed that advertising practices and services are increasingly targeted to consumers who represent the increasingly diverse target markets, whether through print, online, television or other reach-out mechanisms.

As our talent, sourcing and clientele span the globe more so today (even more so expected in the future!) organizations are adapting diversity policies and strategies that are tuned to their employees, clients, vendors and suppliers.

Diversity training will help employees appreciate the significance of contributing more effectively in a diverse ecosystem!

Target Audience: For the current and future leaders from organizations focused on developing standards of performance and employee motivation beyond the biases – conscious or ‘unconscious’, encouraging behaviors that bring forth courage, diverse views and creativity without the fear of ‘rebukes’ or retaliation at their team or organizational levels. In fact, the program is for the current and next generation of ‘culture builders’ in an organization.

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