Communicating for Results

Communicating for Results


Life is a game of good and ‘not so good’ choices and decisions!

The course provides Communication Skills training for individuals wanting to develop their interpersonal skills and build rapport with others – both at workplaces and in their personal spheres.

The training covers effective communication strategies to enhance understanding with others through verbal communication.

Any review of essential management skills always places effective communication abilities close to the top of list. Yet, poor communication is at the root of many problems that we face.

This workshop will help managers understand their own communication style, learn the essentials of good communication and develop their confidence to communicate effectively.

Course objectives:

By the end of the workshop, the individuals will:

  • Understand the essential ingredients of effective communication
  • Have an understanding of their own communication style
  • Develop their communication skills
  • Gain confidence to effectively influence others
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Become a better communicator

Outline of the Program:

Module 1: Getting Started
  • Aims and Objective
  • Importance of Communication
  • How good is your Communication Skill – Exercise
Module 2:
  • Understanding Communication
    • What is communication
    • The Communication process
    • Principles of Communication
    • Articulation Exercise
  • Barriers to Communication
    • ‘Over’ Communication
    • Conflicting information
    • Interests and Attitudes
    • Differing status, position and self expression
    • Profile of the Communicator- Exercise
  • Improving Listening Skills At Workplace
    • Learning Objectives
    • What is Listening?
    • Difference between Listening & Hearing
    • Types of Listening
    • Benefits Of Listening
    • Listening Process
    • Why you need good listening skill
    • Good Listening Practices
    • Executive Assistant Sandra and Job Instruction
    • Responding
    • Remembering
    • Levels of Listening
    • Barriers of Effective Listening
    • Forms of Un-listening
    • Listening game – Activity
  • Communication Process
    • The 7 ‘C’s of Communication
    • What is involved in the communication process?
    • Activity – Blind fold
    • Essentials of Business Communication Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Articulation of Shyness
Module 3: Giving and Receiving Instructions At Workplace
  • Learning Objectives
  • Guidelines of Giving Instruction At Work
  • Team Leader & Team Member- Communication case study
  • Business Communication -Big Boss & Manager -Role Play
  • Questioning Skills to use as you give Instructions
  • Questioning Skills In Communication
Module 4: Providing Feedback at Workplace
  • Learning Objectives
  • Types Of Feedback
  • Encouraging Feedback
  • Negative Feedback
  • False Feedback
  • Tools For getting Feedback at Workplace
  • Characteristics of Effective and Ineffective Feedback
  • Activity
Module 5: Non-verbal communication skills at Workplace
  • Learning Objectives
  • Activity
  • Definition of Non-verbal Communication
  • Characteristics of Non-verbal Communication
  • Functions of Non-verbal Communication
  • Categories of Non-verbal Communication
  • Activity – Catching The Chicken
Module 6:
  • Telephone Skills & Etiquette
  • Humor In Communication
  • Excellence in Communication Skills
  • Communication Styles
  • Basic Communication Skills
  • Speaking Effectively
Module 7: Wrapping Up
  • Recap & Conclusion
  • Group Photograph
  • Certificate Distribution
  • Vote of Thanks