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We offer a unique ‘Blended Learning’ approach including e learning, eCoaching/eMentoring and Video Instructor Led Training (VILT) options (LIVE) to suit your preferred learning style and availability best. The goal is to maximize your learning of concepts, skills, facts and techniques using assignments, assessments and quizzes based on your time of need, pace of learning and regardless of location!


eLearning can be useful for those wanting to learn at their own pace and time. For the area of expertise you have chosen, you will be assigned 3 related and relevant eLearning courses for a duration of up-to 6 months starting within 48 hours of your order. Our courses are knowledge intensive (not games or videos intensive) and will require your full attention. There are interactive exercises and quizzes too! As with all learning, do plan your learning sessions to be focused and uninterrupted to maximize your understanding and skills assimilation.


The idea of Coaching/Mentoring will be to customize/personalize your development based on the ‘gaps’ that you have experienced and/or highlight to your Coach/Mentor. You will be assigned an experienced coach/mentor with proven expertise on the subject/topic of your choice. There will be 2 separate live sessions of 2 hours each starting within 7 days of your order conducted individually in a face to face set up or online, based on your choice and location.

Virtual Class Room:

The benefit of Classroom training is that rich perspectives on topic/domain related are brought in by various participants in live sessions. There are opportunities to collaborate and practice the newly learnt skills more practically. You will be invited for the virtual classroom training on the scheduled date, along with the other trainees.

If you are a Company/Organization/Institute and nominate a minimum of 10 participants, we will be happy to conduct the training on your premises.


  1. Invitations for eCoaching/eMentoring and Virtual Classroom Training will be shared at-least 7 days in advance
  2. You will need to confirm your availability for the schedule, else we will allot you an alternate date (max. 2 new occasions)
  3. Once you confirm, some Training/Coaching collateral will be shared with you in advance, most concurrently during the sessions
  4. Based on successful participation, you will receive a ‘Skill’ certificate for the captioned training which will help you professionally

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