Assertiveness Skills for Achieving

Assertiveness Skills for Achieving


Being a leader we bring our own style of communication to the workplace. How do you know what is the appropriate style for the situation? This course will provide information and skills necessary for developing an assertive approach to interpersonal communication. Assertive behavior is the most effective way to achieve our goals and enhance the self esteem of both ourselves and those with whom we interact. As a manager, you deal a lot with conflicting and difficult people. Your demonstrating assertiveness pattern of behavior will make your staff assertive. Solution to any problem will be much easier to achieve.

Course objectives:

Upon completion of this 2 day workshop, each participant will be able to:

  1. Define passive, assertive, aggressive and passive-aggressive behaviors
  2. Assess their levels of assertiveness
  3. Recognize their rights and the rights of others in the workplace
  4. Identify the benefits of applying assertive skills
  5. Improve self-concept to increase assertive behavior
  6. Understand the nature of conflict
  7. Examine your management style of conflict
  8. Demonstrate your ability to shift into assertive communication
  9. Follow a successful recipe for assertiveness
  10. Identify and implement strategies for improving assertive behaviors.

Outline of the Program:


Module 1:
  • Activity
  • Dog In A Rut
  • Aim
  • Learning Objective
  • Assertiveness – Which is which quiz
Module 2:
  • What is Assertiveness
  • Assertiveness Goals
  • Benefits of being assertive
  • Assertiveness questionnaire
  • Assertiveness Skills role play
Module 3:
  • How to become more assertive
  • Assertiveness behavior
  • What does being assertive mean
  • Assertiveness feelings
  • Don’t say Yes when you want to say No
  • Video


Module 4:
  • Assertiveness – Demand Vs Request
  • How to make request
  • Giving and Receiving Criticism Role Play
  • 20 ways to say No without feeling guilty