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About Us

About Us

We are a team of accomplished Consulting and Training practitioners from Academia and Corporate backgrounds with at least 15 years of practical work experience in the country’s leading Organizations operating in a wide range of industries i.e. from Manufacturing to Communications and from Hospitality to IT! All our Consultant Trainers have distinguishing achievements in their professional careers. They are also alumni of the Country’s top institutes in Engineering and Management disciplines. View their Profiles here.

Here is the collective Training experience we bring to you: Over 1425 classroom workshops conducted. Over 250 Virtual classroom programs. For over 180 Companies and 50 + Institutional clients. Over 41500 People trained including 19500 Managers & 2700 Sr. Management members! They have also developed more than 180 custom built courses based on clients’ ‘gap’ areas and goals!

However, simply offering training doesn’t make a company “employee development oriented” or become better at managing talent. Meaningful and sustainable effort must also be made to support skill and competency transitional issues throughout each phase of the employee lifecycle. Taking steps to walk employees through their learning and development journey are key actions towards engaging and retaining talent, more visibly so for the millennial and Z generations.

To supplement its talent development initiatives, organizations also need enthusiastic and learned partners’ effort in assessing and developing its teams. As India’s first ‘end to end’ Learning solutions provider run by L & D specialists, we i.e. trainin.in energetically partner HR professionals and organizational leaders to assess, align and forecast your teams’ learning needs and then address them through elaborate, collaborative and experiential methods of learning.

We are headed towards a world where technology will address the engineering and other predictable issues and humans (or everything that transpires between two or more individuals), whether in conflict or collaboration, require the soft skills (let’s call these life skills) going forward!

Traditionally, people don’t receive adequate life skills training – either during vocational or as part of on-the-job training – which is where we come in. Life skills are often learned based on a realization of their criticality for being successful…and often when it is too late! Do you know that people get hired because of their hard skills but get fired because of their soft skills.

Also, such skills cannot be acquired only by reading/self learning but with experiential learning and practice…this is where our expertise will help.

Different life skills will be more or less relevant at all times your life, for example:

  • You'll need to work on your employability skills to pursue meaningful careers
  • To earn respect at work, you will need domain expertise and good interpersonal skills
  • When making a proposal or a presentation you will need negotiation skills to close a deal
  • When you work, leadership and communication skills will get you more success
  • There will be times when you'll need conflict resolution, stress-management and problem solving skills

Perhaps the most important Life Skill is the ability and willingness to learn.

By learning life skills we increase our understanding of the world around us and equip ourselves with the tools we need to live a more productive and fulfilling life, finding ways to cope with the challenges that life, inevitably, throws at us.

Combining our modularized content with your unique business needs will help create engaging and more effective programs for your team. You will find our programs:

  • Engaging
  • Structured
  • Flexible – to accommodate your organizations’ custom requirements
  • Realistic
  • Reiterative – allowing the user time for reflection and adaptation
  • Interactive – on the thinking level, as also collaborative

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