Our Purpose

‘Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills’…you’ve heard it before
Yet, which of these do we test for at selection stages?
Beyond just skills, how do we ensure role and culture fits?
We promote the best performers, but do we really know if the promotee ‘wants’ more responsibilities?
Are your tests ‘benchmarked’ to the most engaged employees in your organisation?
Are your ‘People’ Managers engaging and motivating?
How well do we listen to our customers?

Welcome to India’s most innovative Learning and Development (L&D) company!

In a recent IBM study, they found the majority of CEO’s expect that people skills will have a strong impact on their businesses over the next several years. This means to remain competitive, soft-skills such as emotional intelligence, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, are no longer a nice to have, they’re a need to have. The good news is that these skills can be learned with practice.

We believe that the development journey for employees begins with an appreciation of the Company culture and values. These are important to ensure ‘right fits’ firstly. The roles themselves require to be understood better comprising Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other attributes (KSAOs) such as personality variables at varied levels of competencies etc. The ideal development journey should carry much further on to equip the high potential folks with competencies for their future roles that have been identified for growth or as succession planning. Such development journeys and organizational processes are in a much better position to be visualized and executed more so today than ever before. One key advantage is the range of technologies and applications available to support the development infrastructure enabling the vision.

The purpose of our organization, ‘Trainin’ is to offer such end to end training solutions in a consultative yet delivery mode for clients seeking meaningful Development frameworks.

To fulfill the capability to deliver such solutions, Trainin has tied up with leading content and process partners from around the globe.

We at Trainin will seamlessly integrate your key employee development processes as ‘ONE’ workflow to include:

  1. Assessments (Online) – whether for Selecting or for Growing your employees in India or Abroad
  2. Platform (LMS) to author and enrich your existing Training content, manage employee learning needs from various channels e.g. PMS, track development progress and generate customized reports
  3. eLearning content, e books, e magazines and domain articles from the best sources in the world
  4. Customizable Course Material from the best content developers in India and Abroad, to save the precious time of your internal trainers
  5. Training – In both, ILT (at your premises) and Virtual Classrooms (VILT) formats, especially on Life Skills for ‘Practice’ intensive learning with less ‘games’. Using the combination of Classrooms and VILT, you can reach your employees wherever in the world.
  6. Coaching & Mentoring – Again, in both i.e. ‘in person’ and Online formats. ‘One on One’ or in small ‘Groups’ by certified and professionally accomplished Coaches/Mentors.
  7. Digitisation of your inhouse developed course material
  8. Consulting Services on ‘end to end’ Learning solutions including Assessments and Digitalization

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